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Samhain - All Hallows Eve - Halloween

As Halloween is approaching, it recently occurred to me that The Fool card of the soon-to-be-released Blood Moon Tarot is a wonderful depiction of the ancient Samhain (Samain) and  All Hallows Eve, from which our modern Halloween traditions have evolved.

The Earth Element in Tarot - Pentacles - Pages - Major Arcana - with Tarot Grand Luxe

It is now autumn in the northern hemisphere and I have been thinking about the seasons and the elements. To me, autumn equates with the earth element and in the Tarot, the earth element is usually represented by the Pentacles (sometimes called coins). The Pages of each Tarot suit and five of the Major Arcana cards  also reflect the earth element energies. I have chosen to use the Tarot Grand Luxe deck by Ciro Marchetti for this post  because its rich and vibrant colors match the glorious tones of autumn.

International Tarot Day and the 5 of Cups

July 8, 2018, is the second International Tarot Day. To celebrate, many Tarot bloggers are writing about a card, chosen by the creator of this celebration. I was assigned the 5 of Cups.
We were each asked to comment on the following aspects of our cards; - Possible meaning of the card
- Mythology or folktales attached to the assigned card
- Numerology connection
- Element traditionally associated with the card
- Astrological association
- Meaning of the symbolism found in the card
- Shadow side of the card
- Crystals associated with the card
- Herbs, flowers or essential oils connected to the card Possible Meaning of the Card and its Symbolism
To me,  the 5 of Cups speaks of a time when one is immersed in grief and loss. This is a time of feeling the hurt, not yet the time of moving through it toward recovery. But this card is also a whisper of that recovery to come. I have sometimes seen the 5 of Cups make a reference to a problem with drink or drugs and the paralysis that can bring to a life. B…

A Tarot Dinner Party

Imagine you are giving a Tarot dinner party and you can only invite 6 Tarot people (Taroists) – living or dead. Who would you want to be there… and why? That was the interesting thought question asked today by an administrator of a Facebook Tarot group, of which I am a member. It sure got me to thinking. There are so many great Tarot artists, historians, teachers, authors, deck creators… how in the world could I narrow it down to only 6?! I couldn’t, as it turned out. I could only get the list down to 9; 1-2-3 – Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, Benebell Wen – for their vast knowledge of Tarot and the two generations of Tarot thought they represent
4 – Jason C. Lotterhand – for his deep understanding of Tarot symbols and because he seems like he would be a nice person to know
5-6 – Jasmin Lee Cori and Willow Arlenea – for their wonderful Tarot of Transformation deck that brings an illuminating psychological approach I find helpful, powerful and spiritual
7-8-9 – Pamela Colman Smith, Robin Wo…

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Magic Wands and Wizards Tarot

This past Christmas, Santa gave my husband and me a trip with one of my daughters and her family  to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. All of us are big Harry Potter fans and it was so much fun to share the magic with my daughter, her husband and their three children. Thank you, Santa! I have always wanted a magic wand and one of the fun things on offer there are the magic wands sold at Ollivander’s store. You can either choose a wand used by one of the Harry Potter characters or you can define your personality traits and the Ollivander’s clerks will recommend wands of different woods that are known through wand lore to resonate with that type of person. I chose Hermione Granger’s wand. This beautiful wand, with its vine carving up the wand shaft, was the prettiest and the most feminine of all the wands in the store. Not necessarily wizarding priorities, to be sure, but I…

Kuan Yin and My Tarot Readings - The Pearl of Compassionate Wisdom

It is interesting how the things that are going to become important to us come into our lives. That was the case of this beautiful Kuan Yin statue for me. I was not raised in a religious background where I would have known about Kuan Yin, but every time I saw a depiction of her in art or statuary, I felt a strong connection. I never knew why until many years later, when I learned she is the embodiment of compassion, mercy and the Divine Mother. She is very similar in meaning to Mother Mary in my Christian heritage and I believe she also has a deep resonance with the Queen of Cups energy.

The Moon Tarot Card - Rider Waite, The Fountain Tarot, Tarot de Paris

The Moon Tarot card is a difficult card for many people to understand, myself included. I learned to read Tarot with the Rider-Waite cards and for a long time I had only an intellectual understanding of the meaning of the Rider-Waite Moon card. The Moon Tarot card meanings seemed broad and vague. The image showed a crayfish emerging from a pond, heading toward a path that led off into the distance between two towers. There were two canines in the middle of the card. One was supposed to represent our wild side and the other our domesticated side(?).  And that moon with its eyes closed, what did that mean? I really struggled with this card for years because I could not fully relate to it.
The Moon card indicates the subconscious (the pond) and the crayfish emerging from the water shows the first steps a person makes toward consciousness. There is an eeriness here because things are not yet clear. It seems this is going to be something scary we must go through in our lives. The landscape …

International Tarot Day - What Tarot Means to Me

Today is the first ever International Tarot Day.To honor the start of what I hope will be many more International Tarot Days to come, I thought I would write about what Tarot means to me.

A Relationship Tarot Reading for Jeanne

Tarot readings can give us so much information about ourselves and the situations in our lives. They each have their own rhythm. Sometimes they reference an immediate situation and sometimes they take a while to come to pass. This relationship Tarot reading for Jeanne had elements of both. Much of what was indicated in the cards was taking place during the time of the reading and within a very short time afterwards. Some things took a little longer to come into sharper focus.

The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC and the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle - A Great Duo

The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC and Wild Kuan Yin Oracle are a great team - who knew? As I have been working with my Starchild Tarot AKASHIC deck (artist and creator, Danielle Noel), I recently discovered that it works quite well with the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle (author Alana Fairchild). I really enjoy working with the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle. Its artwork is happy, charming and compelling. Sometimes the answers it provides are so right on it just makes me smile. I would never have thought its warmth would pair well with the seemingly austere artwork of The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC, but this unlikely duo has proved to be a productive combination. Perhaps it is the blending of opposites – how very Tarot-like. I became aware of this deck pairing when I was recently asked to do a reading about dreams. Because I was thinking that dreams would be more in the cosmic realm, I decided to use The Starchild Tarot AKASHIC, the most “cosmic” of my decks. I will often use a Tarot and Oracle deck together for …

Tarot Card of the Day - King of Cups

I find this card to be an interesting modern take on a King. The image moves us from the middle ages concept of a king on a throne to a modern king of society.  We see a man in a business suit sitting within a circle (symbol of wholeness) that is supported by an upward pointing  triangle (symbol of stability and male energy). The triangle-circle chair sits on top of a churning sea (churning emotions). We see the waves crashing against the back of the chair but not splashing on the man. He is above the churning emotional energies around him but because his foot is immersed in the water, it shows he is not remote from or non-understanding of those swirling emotions. He is a caring person and totally connected to the emotions, but he does not let them overpower his equanimity (note the bowl balancing on the knee of his bent leg and the expression on his face). He looks to his left (the feminine side), showing again his connection to emotions and caring for others. As he looks to his left…

When Fish Bones Were My Tarot Teacher - Gaian Tarot - 10 of Water (Cups)

Fish bones as a Tarot teacher?  Yes indeed.

Remember when as kids we were all told not to judge a book by its cover? I find it amusing that even though we think we have learned our childhood lessons, we can often get shown as adults that we need to recall them again. Fish bones on a 10 of Water (Cups) Tarot card  reminded me of this lesson.

I like to think of myself as open to changing thought and circumstance. Sometimes I find myself not living up to my lofty expectations of myself. A case in point was my initial reaction to the 10 of Water card in the Gaian Tarot, by Joanna Powell Colbert. 

Having learned Tarot in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition,  I was used to seeing happy families and rainbows on the 10 of Cups card. But here, I was being presented with dead fish carcasses! What in the world was this all about?!

The well-written guide book that comes with the Gaian Tarot deck indicated that the fish bones are those of salmon who have already spawned, laid their eggs, and then died – a…