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The Moon Tarot Card - Rider Waite, The Fountain Tarot, Tarot de Paris

Rider Waite
The Moon Tarot card is a difficult card for many people to understand, myself included. I learned to read Tarot with the Rider-Waite cards and for a long time I had only an intellectual understanding of the meaning of the Rider-Waite Moon card. The Moon Tarot card meanings seemed broad and vague. The image showed a crayfish emerging from a pond, heading toward a path that led off into the distance between two towers. There were two canines in the middle of the card. One was supposed to represent our wild side and the other our domesticated side(?).  And that moon with its eyes closed, what did that mean? I really struggled with this card for years because I could not fully relate to it.

The Moon card indicates the subconscious (the pond) and the crayfish emerging from the water shows the first steps a person makes toward consciousness. There is an eeriness here because things are not yet clear. It seems this is going to be something scary we must go through in our lives. The landscape becomes austere and foreboding in the distance and it is nighttime. Sometimes this card is thought of as ‘the dark night of the soul.’
The Moon is traditionally a card of intuition, dreams, and striving toward consciousness. It can also indicate illusion, deception, fears and things hidden within the subconscious that need to be released. The wolf can represent what needs to be released from the subconscious. The two towers remind me of the old tales of someone embarking out into the wide world and having to leave the confines of their protective environment to do so… like Bilbo Baggins leaving the Shire.
When I look at this card, I do see things of fear that I can relate to… like the dark. I have never been able to fully overcome my life-long fear of the dark. I can deal with it by going into a dark room by way of the light switch, but walking the dog at night is a scary proposition if there are no street lights. It is odd that I have always loved monster movies in spite of this, but I have noticed there is generally someone in the movie who goes alone into a dark room or alley to investigate some odd sound that is going to turn out to be a monster. (What are they thinking?!) Fear of the dark is a palpable thing you can feel in your stomach and hear in your mind. I can see this reflected in The Moon card.
But what about the good things of the card, like dreams and intuition? And the difficult element of the Shadow? Those are symbolic realms of the moon, to be sure, but I had a hard time seeing them in the Rider-Waite card. Yods are drifting down from the moon in this image, like manna from Heaven. Perhaps the dreams and intuition are represented by these. But I somehow always saw them as protection. (Back to the fear of the dark thing, I guess.) 
And then something happened in my life that broadened my perception of this card. I had a hypnotherapy session wherein my inner self went deep, deep, DEEP underwater. When I reached whatever level I was apparently meant to go, I started swimming upward. Then a hand reached down into the water and pulled me up on the land. This person then led me into a scene where I experienced a regression into an important past life event. As a direct result of this hypnotherapy session, things were released within me that I had not known were there. Because the issue at the root of this experience was healed during that session, I was freed of its subconscious  hold. That hold had been a shadow element for me, of which I was completely unaware. It was something I needed to release and to do that, I had to see it, understand it and re-experience it in an empowering way. This was the key to the release. Once this occurred, my inner life changed in positive ways. This in turn led to positive changes in my outer life. (Doesn’t it always.)
Tarot de Paris
Not too long after that hypnotherapy session, I was working with my Tarot cards and using the Tarot de Paris deck. I love this deck and its deep esoteric underpinnings. On this particular day, The Moon card happened to show up in a spread. As I looked at the card, I noticed the water. Then, immediately, my hypnotherapy session came to my mind and in a flash, I understood The Moon card in a deeper way than ever before. Since that day, I have understood this card as immersing oneself in the dark water of the subconscious. There is a need to go into that water and ’swim’ under and through the mental and emotional constructs we create for ourselves (the cathedral). Like the land path that leads through the towers in the Rider-Waite card, we must strive to get through to the other side, toward the light. The water in the Tarot de Paris Moon card will always speak to me of the need to access the subconscious for wisdom, illumination and wholeness.

The Tarot de Paris Moon card has been my all-time favorite Moon card ever since that revelation. It still is my favorite, but now there is a new Moon card very close behind it, from The Fountain Tarot. The two cards have a lot of similar symbols I can totally relate to. There is that dark, scary water where things can be hidden. There are unique towers. On The Fountain Tarot card there are the faintest forms of the dog and wolf howling at the moon, like on the Rider-Waite card. These are repeated in the gargoyles of the Tarot de Paris card. In both images, there are fear factors shown, yet still a sense of hope and guidance can be seen in the glow of the moon and its reflection on the water of our subconscious. There is a light shining on – and in – the darkness.

If you find yourself struggling to understand this card, I hope these insights will help you. This card is a reminder of the necessity to work through your fears, your shadows and your illusions – even if it is scary and intimidating.  Getting through to the light of understanding will pay off handsomely. Be brave. Have courage and determination. You will find profound truths about yourself within your light.

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My daily Challenge cards and interpretations will be included here on my blog, posted in groups of weeks. The deck I have been using throughout this challenge is the Rohrig Tarot. Created in 1995 and beloved by many (including me),  the English-USA version has been out of print for a long time. This deck is based on the Thoth system and gives me very deep readings. The deep readings are why I love it so much and why it is such a treasure to me.  ___________________________________________________ WEEK THREE  June 15-21, 2020 ___________________________________________________
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The deck I will be using throughout this challenge is the Rohrig Tarot. I have loved this deck since the image on the box cover jumped out at me in a bookstore back in 1997. Although I came to realize after purchasing the deck that it is based on the Thoth system, rather than the Rider-Waite, on which I learned to read Tarot, I found, nevertheless, that it always gives me deep readings. And that is why I love it so much. Sadly, the English-USA version has been out of print for a very long time, which makes my deck even more precious to me. ___________________________…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Planning to Begin Again - The Star Tarot - 5 of Pentacles

July 5, 2020
Will I be Successful This Time?
5 of Pentacles
Deck used - The Star Tarot
As I plan to begin my weight loss journey again very soon, I have set a daunting goal to give up the foods that have the most pull over me - sugar and flour. I know this is going to be difficult for all kinds of reasons and asked if I will be successful in my goal.
This card is disheartening. But I do notice the bottom right point of the star is pointing to a mountain. It seems to be saying that, yes, I can overcome but it will be difficult. Those white mountains even look like piles of flour and sugar. My nemises!
The person is bent forward as she moves on in her quest. Is she scared? Is she humbled by the challenge? Is she giving up before she starts? I think she is scared but determined.
She knows this is not going to be easy and she is worried about how hard she is assuming it is going to be. But there are a couple of good signs for her; the upper star points ar…

Tarot Card of the Day - Ace of Cups on a Wedding Day - Druidcraft Tarot

December 21, 2019
I asked for a message for today and drew the Ace of Cups

DruidCraft Tarot

What a perfect card for today...  I am officiating a wedding this afternoon. 
A wedding is a time of emotional new beginnings for the newlyweds and for all those who love them.  And lucky me, I will get to share in that love and joy today. 
This card is a beautiful reflection of the deeply sincere human emotions we experience at a wedding, as we recognize ourselves in the words of hope and promise that surround the wedding couple. 
Tarot is an amazing mirror of our lives.
... Comments always welcome and appreciated. 💚🌿  


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International Tarot Day - What Tarot Means to Me

Today is the first ever International Tarot Day.To honor the start of what I hope will be many more International Tarot Days to come, I thought I would write about what Tarot means to me.

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Staying on the Path - Gaian Tarot - 7 of Air (Swords)

December 5, 2019
What is a good thing for me to be aware of today?
7 of Air (Swords)
Deck used - Gaian Tarot
When I first drew this card, I was a bit surprised. My understanding of the traditional Rider-Waite version of the 7 of Swords is a thief getting away with stealing. But this image implies something different. In the Gaian Tarot deck, this card is about making a decision to either stay on the trail you are already traveling or looking further to see if there is a revised route that could be even better.

What first jumped out to me was the map, with the mountains drawn in the distance. Sure enough, this hiker stands at a distance from the mountains and is already on the way. But the mountains aren’t the destination - the first lake is. Or so s/he thought when she began this journey. The first lake is where most travelers go. That is the weight loss goal. She’s not there yet but, from her current vantage point, she now has a wider view. She…

Family Time During Covid - Tarot of the Golden Wheel - 9 and King of Wheels (Pentacles)

July 2, 2020
Give me a message for today.
9 of Wheels + Foundation Card - King of Wheels
Deck used - Tarot of the Golden Wheel
(In this deck, Pentacles are named Wheels)
I have a busy day planned, as I get us ready for a 4th of July weekend with family. I asked for a message for today and love what showed up. 
The contented woman in the 9 seems like she’s got it all handled. She has even found time to enjoy and be grateful for all she has and to snuggle her chicken. That chicken makes me chuckle. One of our daughters raises fancy chickens and holds them exactly the same way. Wheels (Pentacles) represent our security systems and our health. Both are in a good place for us right now and, as our family stays in quarantine and slowly and carefully makes time to be together during the virus, it has repeatedly been brought home to us how important is family. Luckily, we are all healthy and able to gather together. We are very blessed. The Foundation Card is …

Tarot Card of the Day - 10 of Boons (Pentacles) - Forest of Enchantment Tarot

What is a good message for today?
10 of Boons (Pentacles) reversed 
Deck used - Forest of Enchantment Tarot

Well this message is clear… the Thanksgiving holiday is over. It was wonderful spending days with family, immersed in fun, love and happiness, but all good things have their time. Now it is time to get back to work and normal daily life.

This card is totally right, though. Family is truly a huge boon and blessing in my life... and more family time over the Christmas holidays are right around the corner. 😊❤️


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