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Weight Loss Tarot Journal - On Love, Forgiveness and Emotional Healing

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November 19, 2019

How can I help both my own and my father’s inner child?

for Dad  -  Gathering  |   for Me  -  Forgiveness


Since my recent realization of the ramifications of the generational emotional abuse in our family, I have felt a need to care for my inner child, who experienced that abuse. I am also feeling the same need for the inner child of my father, now passed on, who experienced that abuse from his mother. The question is, “How do I do that, especially for my father?” Nurturing these two wounded inner children has begun to feel vitally important.

Last night, it occurred to me to use my Messages from the Light Meditation Deck for some insights on how I might go about this. Although I don’t use this deck often, every time I do, I receive powerful messages. So I drew a card for what I could do for Dad’s inner child, and then one for mine. And again, powerful messages came…

for my father’s inner child  -  Gathering
I drew this card for helping Dad’s inner child. Initially, what struck me was the net of light. It reminded me of the web of light I saw when my mother was dying. I was using Reiki for her, hoping to ease the fear she was feeling about her imminent passing. It is reassuring, somehow, that I am seeing that here as well.

I next noticed the oval of light, into which the net of light seems drawn. In the shape of the vesica piscis, a symbol of creation and generation, it is an important symbol in sacred geometry and religious mysticism around the world. Within the oval of light, there is an apparent tunnel leading to a brighter light. My father has moved into that light and there is a veil between our worlds. But the netting of light suggests there is a way to connect with him energetically.

And then there are the white birds. I cannot tell if they are flying into and out of the light tunnel, but they feel to be doing both. Birds are traditionally seen as messengers of Spirit and symbols of the mind. Perhaps they are calling me to connect with what they have to say. Is Dad sending me a message from the other side? He did reach out to me shortly after he passed, but I haven’t heard from him since. Although I suspect the white birds are meant to represent doves of peace - and that would certainly be appropriate here - they also make me think of seagulls. My father was from Florida and I spent much of my life there. Seagulls are everywhere in Florida and always around the waters. My father loved being out on the water in his boat and many hours of family time were spent on that boat. Those birds are reminders. 

The LWB that comes with this deck presents only brief meanings for its images. The message for this card is very interesting;
“There is a gathering before the event, an inhalation before an exhalation. Allow the universe time to support your intention by drawing together the required elements.”

How it applies to me… I am being advised to wait on spiritual timing. It will be interesting to see what The Universe brings to aid me in helping me love, understand and forgive my father’s wounded inner child - and perhaps, thereby, to reconcile with him. Just thinking about my father in this way is illuminating. I can feel my natural mothering instincts rising to protect him.


for my own inner child  -  Forgiveness
The word jumped out at me for how to help my own inner child. It had previously come to me that forgiveness is an important element of my healing and I thought I had done that earlier in my life. But it seems some resentment still remains.

Everything about this image is green and full of sparkling light. Green is the color of the heart chakra. Most appropriate for this card. The opening of a flower has long been a symbol for the opening of the human soul to Spirit. And to love. The light streaming down onto the woman, encircling her head and pouring out her hands also swirls down toward the center of the flower in front of and within her. That light reminds me of the energy coursing through me in much the same way when I do Reiki and pendulum treatments and when I am praying before doing a Tarot reading. Is this woman me or the embodiment of the spiritual mother? Is it Mary? Kuan Yin? I have a deep affinity with Kuan Yin and about a year ago had a powerful spiritual experience with her that felt almost exactly like this image portrays, except the energy flow then was at my heart chakra. The energy in this image seems to be more powerfully placed at the levels of the 2nd and 3rd chakras. Perhaps the bird flying near the woman’s head and shoulders brings the message that forgiveness is needed for healing at these two levels. So what areas of the body and life do these chakras influence?

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra
Body - sight, the adrenals, metabolic and digestive systems

Life - one of the most powerful chakras, has profound influences on our personal power and abilities, our personal and professional success, and having respect for self and others

Issues - personal power, self esteem, willfulness and energy

2nd Chakra - Sacral Chakra
Body - sense of taste, impacts several organs and glands, including the bladder, lymphatic system, pelvis, large intestine and female reproductive organs

Life - our desires, sexuality, reproductive function, ability to be happy and joyful, compassionate, creative and passionate

Issues - creativity, pleasure, pain, relationships and emotions

The message in the LWB about this image says;
“Some beings or situations may be closed to you. Forgive them and they will open. Some parts of your self may be closed to the flow of love, joy, vitality. Forgive them and the flow will be restored.”

How it applies to me… I can see many things in the mentioned chakra energies that have been affecting me in my life… issues with my sight (although they could also be age-related), adrenal fatigue, metabolic imbalances, fear, self-esteem, poor relationship choices. That they could all relate back to the fear and emotional abuse received as a child is eye-and-heart-opening. Learning this about myself helps to understand what must have also happened in similar ways to my father, when he was a child. How powerfully important are the understandings of forgiveness and compassion. And how heart-breakingly damaging are the reaches of unkindness in family dynamics.


There is so much here to feel and understand and act on. In the image on the Forgiveness card, the energies descend from Spirit, move through matter, mind and emotions, and are released out into the world. Energy is also being released out of the heart of the flower.

The messages today are to allow the timing of the Universe to help me love and care for my father’s inner child and that the powers of love, understanding, forgiveness and release can heal lives and rescue wounded children. I am deeply grateful for these powerful insights and the advice that flows from them.

… Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’šπŸŒΏ 


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What am I likely to find in today’s meditations?
card drawn  -  2 of Cups reversed foundation card  -  Strength deck - Light Seer’s Tarot _________________________________________
I am feeling a fear in my stomach about today’s upcoming meditations to help my and my father’s inner children. Not sure why I feel this way. Fear of the unknown? Fear I might not like something I learn about myself? Not sure.
2 of Cups reversed  -  The energies here flow from the hands into similar golden bowls. But the card is reversed and the energies seem to flow upward. For release? The LWB says this card reversed refers to emotional blocks, not being open to receiving love, and healing past traumas. That sure fits what I will be working on today.  
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Tarot Card of the Day - On the Trump Impeachment

I will preface by saying I am a registered Independent and not a Trump fan. I am alarmed at what I see him and his henchmen doing to our nation through consistent lying and abuses of power.

We tend to draw cards on our worries and today I drew some cards on what might be coming for Trump and, thereby, our nation.  _________________________________________
Will Trump be forced out soon?
5 of Coins reversed + Clarifier Card- 7 of Coins Foundation Card- 9 of Wands
deck used - Tarot Grand Luxe

The cards seem to be saying that Trump will not be forced out soon. He will receive help (5 of Coins reversed) from the Russians (7 of Coins).7 of Coins is my card for the Russians.

Alternatively, the cards could be saying that more information about Trump’s Russian help will come to light but, since my question has to do with Trump’s removal, I will assume the first interpretation is correct in this context.

Foundation Card - 9 of Wands - The Foundation card is …

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πŸ‚πŸ§‘πŸ Happy Thanksgiving! Let us all be thankful for the treasures in our lives. πŸ‚πŸ”ΆπŸ


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Tarot Card of the Day - a Page of Swords as the Trump Impeachment Trial Begins - Tarot Grand Luxe

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Will justice be served in the Trump impeachment trial?
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This Page, with her prominent dagger, has been showing up in many of my Trump readings. Today, it feels like she is saying that more information is going to come out in the course of this trial and it is going to bring problems for McConnell and Trump. The push right now at the White House and in the Senate leadership seems to be geared to hide the truth and even the trial itself. They don’t want the truth of Trump’s behavior to be known.

But this Page is an analyst. She sees and understands truth, no matter what subterfuge others are trying to maneuver in front of her. And that brooch, with its blue feathers, is over her left eye, the side of connection to the feminine and the inner currents of intuition. The blue feathers connect to Spirit. So this page doesn’t just have a logical mind; she connects to her intuitive side, too. Her inner knowi…

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December 5, 2019
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7 of Air (Swords)
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When I first drew this card, I was a bit surprised. My understanding of the traditional Rider-Waite version of the 7 of Swords is a thief getting away with stealing. But this image implies something different. In the Gaian Tarot deck, this card is about making a decision to either stay on the trail you are already traveling or looking further to see if there is a revised route that could be even better.

What first jumped out to me was the map, with the mountains drawn in the distance. Sure enough, this hiker stands at a distance from the mountains and is already on the way. But the mountains aren’t the destination - the first lake is. Or so s/he thought when she began this journey. The first lake is where most travelers go. That is the weight loss goal. She’s not there yet but, from her current vantage point, she now has a wider view. She…

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December 21, 2019
I asked for a message for today and drew the Ace of Cups

DruidCraft Tarot

What a perfect card for today...  I am officiating a wedding this afternoon. 
A wedding is a time of emotional new beginnings for the newlyweds and for all those who love them.  And lucky me, I will get to share in that love and joy today. 
This card is a beautiful reflection of the deeply sincere human emotions we experience at a wedding, as we recognize ourselves in the words of hope and promise that surround the wedding couple. 
Tarot is an amazing mirror of our lives.
... Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’šπŸŒΏ  


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Tarot Card of the Day - 10 of Boons (Pentacles) - Forest of Enchantment Tarot

What is a good message for today?
10 of Boons (Pentacles) reversed 
Deck used - Forest of Enchantment Tarot

Well this message is clear… the Thanksgiving holiday is over. It was wonderful spending days with family, immersed in fun, love and happiness, but all good things have their time. Now it is time to get back to work and normal daily life.

This card is totally right, though. Family is truly a huge boon and blessing in my life... and more family time over the Christmas holidays are right around the corner. 😊❤️


Phone:  919 . 942 . 2808 ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Trump Impeachment Trial - The Tower - Tarot Grand Luxe

January 23, 2020
Will the Senate vote to remove Trump?
The Tower
Tarot Grand Luxe

As I do Tarot draws about the Trump impeachment trial and post some here, I preface by saying that I am not a fan of our current president. I feel he is a danger to our nation and our ideals and he has corrupted our government. Or perhaps I should say that because his own corruption is so blatant and pervasive, he is bringing the corruption in our government into the light. What I am seeing in Trump and his henchmen is heartbreaking. They are far removed from my own concept of our nation, its principles and what I believe us to be and stand for.

While watching and experiencing this pivotal point in our nation’s history, I am curious to see how the Tarot reflects that. My choice of deck is important. I really like the Tarot Grand Luxe. It is modern, bold, unequivocal and reads very well for me. It is especially powerful for readings on Trump and politics so I bought …

Tarot Card of the Day - Love and Christmas Cookies - The Lovers - Osho Zen Tarot

How I am feeling about this past weekend.
The Lovers
Osho Zen Tarot
This card is right on point. I am still in the glow of spending happy time with my family this past weekend. The over-all meanings of this card are love and connection, with an added element of choice. And all of that showed up this weekend.

The first meaning of The Lovers card is love and connection. We have an annual Family Cookie Day, where we all gather to decorate Christmas cookies. This year it turned into Family Cookie Weekend. The grandkids came over on Saturday to help me roll, cut and bake the cookies and then spend the night. Their parents came over the following morning to decorate the cookies with them. It is always fun having everyone over for this event but having the kids cut and bake the cookies was not a practical idea. Aside from the fact that it was a HUGE mess (oh my goodness!), most of the young hands are not yet skilled enough for rolling the dough. Their m…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Wounded Inner Child Meditations - Osho Zen Tarot

November 25, 2019

How am I feeling about my meditations this past weekend?
Participation (4 of Wands)  
Osho Zen Tarot _________________________________________

My meditations to deal with inner child issues for myself and my father were illuminating, moving and deeply effective. I was surprised at the things I found and how I was able to deal with them in powerful ways. It was a giant step forward for me in my personal growth and the reverberations will make a huge difference in my life and my efforts to find the roots of my weight loss issues.

I am so thankful to friends who told me about online guided meditations. I had no idea those free resources are available and was amazed at how many there were. Two sites that were particularly helpful were The Honest Guys and Ellen Sirena. I also used a Biddy Tarot meditation on The High Priestess that helped me see and understand important connections.

My deep appreciation to all those putting such important help out there for all of us to use.