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30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week One - June 1-7, 2020 - Rohrig Tarot

I belong to a fun and friendly Tarot group on Facebook, ‘30 Day Tarot Challenge.’ (You should check them out.) Each year we have a couple of Tarot challenges, where we draw daily cards and post pics of them with our interpretations. Our first challenge this year is for the month of June. My daily cards and interpretations will be posted in the group and here on my blog. For the blog, I will post them in groups of weeks.  

The deck I will be using throughout this challenge is the Rohrig Tarot. I have loved this deck since the image on the box cover jumped out at me in a bookstore back in 1997. Although I came to realize after purchasing the deck that it is based on the Thoth system, rather than the Rider-Waite, on which I learned to read Tarot, I found, nevertheless, that it always gives me deep readings. And that is why I love it so much. Sadly, the English-USA version has been out of print for a very long time, which makes my deck even more precious to me. 
 June 1-7, 2020

Day 1 - June 1, 2020
I asked for a message for today.

3 of Cups reversed - Rohrig Tarot

As I drew my card this morning, the TV was on in another room, talking about the protests across our nation (USA). I initially saw this card as a reflection of that - our nation is not in abundance right now. And then I noticed the glow at the top. When the card is upright, that is the point of the waterfall where the streams of the 3 Cups pour into their combined pool. But from this reversed vantage point, that spot appears to be glowing above the currently upside down cups, sending light down to them. 

And that’s when I realized my message for today is to concentrate on that glow. There is Spirit there. There is connection and unity. Something good will come out of our national connection, in spite of - or maybe even because of - the intense emotions engulfing us right now.

After I had made a photo of my card and sat down to drink my morning coffee, I saw on TV that police across our nation had been taking a knee in solidarity with the protesters. I was deeply touched and it made me cry. 

So, yes, that glow of connection is my message for today, 
and a welcome one at that. πŸ’›

How it turned out - So much turmoil in our nation right now, as the protests grow and uncalled-for violence and damage take away from the important messages of equal rights and police brutality that the people are protesting. I remain determined to see the glow in the midst of the turmoil. There are far more good people than bad and I believe good will prevail in the end.
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 2 - June 2, 2020
What kind of day will I have today?

The Hermit - Rohrig Tarot

An introspective day today. 
It feels like that this morning, as I draw the card.

How it turned out - Yes, that is exactly how it was. And, further, this evening the President sent our troops in riot gear and on horseback, armed with tear gas and stun grenades, against the peaceful protesters near the White House. They had done nothing wrong. It was all so he could go do a fake photo-op by a nearby church, holding up a Bible. 

Part of what I see in this Hermit card is the contemplation of how one fits into their world (the maze on his face). I do not fit into a nation that attacks its own, especially for the sake of one man’s ego. This feels like a final straw against the accumulated injustices in our nation.
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 3 - June 3, 2020
Show me something that will touch my heart today.


The seed of a new beginning. Personal, spiritual, national? The glow at the base of the fire feels important. Is it the creative energy of the new seed? 

How it turned out - I think the new beginning is in the national realm. During the day and evening, important military leaders came out against the use of our military against our citizens, as well as against the President, who is calling for exactly that. It touched my heart in a reassuring way that, at last(!), military people are calling out that behavior as wrong. I now think the white glow at the base of the red flame is the righteous indignation that is going to be fanned into an angry flame if that kind of behavior continues.
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 4 - June 4, 2020
What message will I need to hear today?

The Hierophant - Rohrig Tarot

This is my favorite Hierophant image. The beam of light from his head speaks to me of the spiritual connection we would want our religious leaders to have and my own spiritual connection that is so important to me. When I saw him this morning, my first thought was that he was a good fit with The Hermit card of the other day. And then, as clear as day, I heard, 
“Be careful how you fill your mind.” 

An excellent message in these troubled times. 

How it turned out - I heeded the advice and listened to uplifting podcasts and videos about inspirational people throughout the day. They were good companions as I took my daily walk and worked around the house. At some point during the day, I read some hopeful but maybe too-good-to-be-true political information online so, armed with the advice from today’s card to watch how I fill my mind, I did some research on it. The jury’s still out on whether or not the information is true.
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 5 - June 5, 2020
Is what I read yesterday true?

Mother-Tarot-The-World-card-Rohrig Tarot
The World - Rohrig Tarot

I came upon some political information yesterday that made my hopes soar. But because it was online, I knew I needed to research its truth, especially with my Tarot card message yesterday advising me to be careful how I fill my mind. 

So I’ve been doing my research. I even used a pendulum to check. It gave a ‘yes’ reading for truth. Today‘s card is also telling me the information is true and, further, that it will be a breakthrough. The woman petting the snake suggests the political ‘snake’ will be controlled and transformation will come when it sheds its skin. All very reassuring. I hope it proves to be true. 

How it turned out - I cannot find any completely verifiable proof of truth, despite my hope and efforts and the pendulum and Tarot saying it is true. So, for now, I have decided to give it a while and see if any of the information starts being mentioned in the national media. 
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 6 - June 6, 2020
Should I walk today or rest my knees?

Justice - Rohrig Tarot

I have been diligent about daily walking and feeling good about myself for doing it. For the last few days, my knees have been sore but I’ve been walking anyway. This morning I woke with a slightly swollen muscle around one knee. A bit more sore but not terrible. So should I baby it or not?

I didn’t expect this card as an answer but it made me laugh. It says exactly what I needed to hear. Balance and ‘Adjustment’ are in order. Ok then. Looks like today is not going to be a walking day. And going forward, I need to keep things in balance!
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 7 - June 7, 2020
What kind of day will I have today?

Knight (King) of Cups - Rohrig Tarot

This deck titles the King as a Knight. My first thought when seeing him this morning was, “What a nice card for today.” My next thought was wondering how he would show up in the day. 

About 15 minutes later, when I went out to the kitchen to make our morning coffee, I saw my hubby’s cookie bowl sitting open and empty on the counter. He must have finished them overnight. That red rose on this Knight-King speaks of love and the heart to me. Today my heart is going to be making my hubby some cookies. 

And come to think of it, that brown on this King’s robe looks like cookie crumbs!  

How it turned out - His eyes lit up when he saw his refilled bowl of cookies. That made my heart smile.  πŸ’•
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


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and how they were reflected in my life.

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30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 2 - Sept 6-12, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

Today begins week 2 of our 30 Day Tarot Challenge for September 2020. Throughout this challenge, I will be using the delightful second edition of  The Spacious Tarot. I love its concept of putting the reader into the images by drawing the traditional Rider-Waite concepts in unexpected ways. This has a tendency to bring out new insights, which is another thing I love about this deck.
WEEK TWO September 6-12, 2020 _________________________________________

Day 6 - September 6, 2020 Question - Something I will encounter today

Elder (King)  of Pentacles reversed
foundation card -4 of Swords reversed
The Spacious Tarot 
This may not apply to something that happens today - I’ll see as the day progresses. I think these cards showed up because of a situation very much on my mind. 
I ministered a wedding yesterday with far more people than I had expected. I learned at the rehearsal the night before of the large number of people coming and, on the wedding…

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 1 - Sept 1-5, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

Today - Sept 1 - starts a new Tarot Challenge. Each day of the month, I will be drawing a Tarot card and writing about how it relates to my life. I belong to the fun 30 Day Tarot Challenge Facebook group and September is our second challenge month for 2020. I will be posting my cards here and in the group. If you are interested in finding a friendly, sharing and caring Facebook Tarot group, with readers of all skill levels, give the 30 Day Tarot Challenge group a try. You will be happy you did. 
The deck I will be using throughout the challenge is The Spacious Tarot, created by Carrie Mallon and Annie Ruygt. This deck is a modern, airy take in the Rider-Waite tradition that puts the reader into the scene with its unique artistic perspective. Kudos to the creators of this very special deck.
WEEK ONE  September 1-5, 2020 ___________________________________________________
Day 1 - September 1, 2020 ___
Question -Show me a good message as I star…

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 3 - Sept 13-19, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

These Tarot Challenges progress so quickly. Today - Sept. 13 - begins our third week. My norm, as in previous weeks and Challenges, is that my daily Challenge cards and interpretations will be included here on my blog. The deck I am using throughout this Challenge is the second edition of The Spacious Tarot. This is a new deck for me. It arrived 2 days before this Challenge began and I am enjoying getting to know it as I go. The artwork in this RWS-tradition deck has been bringing out some absolutely amazing insights. Kudos to its creators, Carrie Mallon and Annie Ruygt.
WEEK THREE  September 13-19, 2020 ___________________________________________________
Day 13 - September 13, 2020 Question -A message for today

The Sun - The Spacious Tarot
A turning toward the inner and outer suns. This feels like a two-fold message; a nudge to get back to prioritizing my inner world and a reminder that I want to be sure to get outside for a walk in the sun…

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 4 - Sept 20-26, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

As we move into the last 10 days of the 30 Day Tarot Challenge, I can’t believe it has passed so quickly. As in the previous weeks, my daily Challenge cards and interpretations will be included here on my blog and the deck used will be The Spacious Tarot. This is a new deck for me and I am getting to know it as I move through this Challenge. The depth of insights this sparse artwork style is bringing has been a constant joy and amazement. I’m having a lot of fun with it.  ___________________________________________________
WEEK FOUR  September 20-26, 2020 ___________________________________________________
Day 20 - September 20, 2020 Question - Something I should be aware of today _____

2 of Swords reversed - The Spacious Tarot
Two swords at crossed blades stand frozen in the snow, suggesting a conflicted position. The reversed image shows the conflict is happening in my inner world. A rising sun in the distance shows a thaw is taking place. This does reflect me.
Today I will be driving a very…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - 10 Pounds Lost! - Ace of Swords - The Druidcraft Tarot

September 3, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal
~ One month on this plan and 10 pounds down! ~
Ace of Swords
Deck - The Druidcraft Tarot
I feel like this card. Excaliber was given to me in the form of a new eating plan to cut out flour and sugar. And I have run with it. Three months ago, I discovered Bright Line Eating, a sensible, logical and practical eating plan that had the same goals I did; to cut out sugar and flour. I liked that they had a road map and hand-holding support to get me started and moving along safely.
One month ago, I started on the plan. It has turned out to be much easier to give up my two most powerful trigger foods than I expected. That was a nice surprise. I have had to tweak food volumes down a bit for me, but it has been a huge relief to find I have had no sugar cravings and no slips. It has been easy to stay on the plan, even in the midst of a newly-changed and super busy schedule.
Two days before finishing my first month, I hi…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Psychic Tarot for the Heart - 5 of Swords - The Fool

November 8, 2019
Give me a message for today
Card Drawn  -  5 of Swords reversed Foundation Card  -  The Fool

Deck  -  Psychic Tarot for the Heart
When I got on the scale this morning, my weight had gone up a pound and I had lost most of the small progress (1.3 lbs) made so far. Disappointing!  There is a valid reason we are often cautioned not to get on the scale daily - the disappointment can knock us off our plan. I know this and try to guard against that emotional roller coaster. But for me, the daily morning scale ritual also helps me to know how the foods I ate yesterday affect my body today. Analyzing those fluctuations helps me gather information and - being a Gemini - that is an important part of the weight loss learning curve for me. Even knowing all that, though, it is still disappointing to see the weight go up and not down.

The messages in the cards todayaddress all of this.
5 of Swords reversed - I smiled when I saw the keywords on thi…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - A Weight Loss Plateau Brings a Surprising Revelation - The Hanged Man - 4 of Swords - Queen of Pentacles - Light Seer’s Tarot

August 10, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal
What has caused my weight loss stall?
The Hanged Man
Foundation Cards - 4 of Swords + Queen of Pentacles
Deck used - Light Seer’s Tarot
Well, doesn’t Tarot have a sense of humor today. I chuckled when I saw The Hanged Man. How appropriate. My 5 pound weight loss last week was wonderful and unexpected but, for the last 3 days, the weight has just been sitting there. I know plateaus happen on a weight loss journey but I didn’t expect one so soon. Am I doing something wrong? I tried thinking what I might have done to cause this but, other than a couple ideas that don’t seem pertinent, I haven’t come up with anything. So I asked the cards to plumb my subconscious for an answer. The Hanged Man shows a stalling, yes, but it also represents coming to a new perspective. What might that perspective be?
The Foundation Cards - 4 of Swords + Queen of Pentacles - both indicate this is a natural process and a time for heali…

On the Passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Tender Embrace - Oracle of the 7 Energies

September 19, 2020
Processing the loss of beloved Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
deck used -Oracle of the 7 Energies
I am feeling double gut-punched at last night’s loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and what is coming politically as a result. The vultures are circling. 
I chose this deck today because it taps into healing energies, something much needed here in the USA. Tender Embrace references love and compassion for others, making sure not to forget that for ourselves as well. Justice Ginsburg‘s arena was the legal system and within it she chose a personal path of empathy, care and compassion for her fellow man. Because of her commitment to leveling the playing field for all of us, she left a powerful wake of reverberating effects in our nation. She made a huge, positive difference in our lives.
I see in this card the best way to honor her will be to hug ourselves and each other, recognize our connections, and then pick up her gauntle…

The Earth Element in Tarot - Pentacles - Pages - Major Arcana - with Tarot Grand Luxe

It is now autumn in the northern hemisphere and I have been thinking about the seasons and the elements. To me, autumn equates with the earth element and in the Tarot, the earth element is usually represented by the Pentacles (sometimes called coins). The Pages of each Tarot suit and five of the Major Arcana cards  also reflect the earth element energies. I have chosen to use the Tarot Grand Luxe deck by Ciro Marchetti for this post  because its rich and vibrant colors match the glorious tones of autumn.

My First Reading with The Spacious Tarot - Ace of Cups - Child (Page) of Pentacles

August 27, 2020
How my helping with my family’s online schooling will go.
Ace of Cups
foundation card - Child (Page) of Pentacles
deck - The Spacious Tarot
This very special deck arrived today. When I got a chance to sit down with it, welcoming it to the family, looking at all the cards, I was immediately smitten. I love the clean, modern, nature-based images that carry such an amazing depth within their simplicity. The first reading I did with it got right to the point and each question that followed let me know I will be able to use this deck for any kind of question, even political ones. 
My first question was about how helping my daughters with their children’s online schooling was going to go. The answer was perfect and succinct.
Ace of Cups My cup runneth over! I love that I am getting to spend so much time with them. I am grateful that my quarantine-slowed work schedule is allowing this time for us. I am happy that I can contribute to helping th…