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Weight Loss Tarot Journal - 9 + 10 of Swords - The Sun - 7 + Queen of Pentacles - Light Seer’s Tarot

July 23, 2020
What message can you give about my relying on Spirit for weight loss and health?
Top cards (no placement meanings) 10 of Swords - The Sun reversed - 9 of Swords reversed
Foundation Cards Queen of Pentacles reversed - 7 of Pentacles
Deck used -Light Seer’s Tarot
The Background
I need to take a stand against sugar and flour. Have needed to for years. It is finally time for me to face these addictive foods head on. I have a plan in place, to begin on August 3.
Why wait? Realism. We will soon have family coming to visit and there is no point in starting a new eating plan before they arrive. I would never be able to stay away from all the carb foods they (and I)  like to eat. So after the visit, my stand against sugar and flour begins.
The Insights
Because I believe it is going to be difficult to begin such a strict eating plan and leave behind foods I have always loved, I know I am going to need some extra help. For me, that comes from Spirit. S…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - The Hinder / Help Spread - 4 of Pentacles + The Fool - Tarot Grand Luxe

July 20, 2020
The Hinder / Help Spread
Show me what will hinder and help my weight loss goals.
Hinder (left) - 4 of Pentacles reversed
Help (right) - The Fool
Deck used - Tarot Grand Luxe
The Hinder / Help Spread
I found a new, interesting card spread today. Super simple, it didn’t have a name and was actually called a trick, but it is so accurate that I am going to add this quick spread to my repertoire. It needs a name, though, so I will simply call it the Hinder / Help Spread.
Here’s how it works; As you shuffle the deck, think of a goal. (It can be anything.)  When you feel the nudge, cut the deck in two and turn each part over, face sides up. The card on the left pile shows what hinders your progress toward your goal. The card on the right shows what will help you succeed.
Using the Hinder / Help Spread for My Eating Plan Goals
Because I will soon begin to cut out sugar and flour from my foods, the goals I naturally thought of while shuffling were my…

Seeing Tarot in the Everyday - The loss of Rep. John Lewis - 9 of Wands - Tarot Grand Luxe

July 18, 2020
Seeing Tarot in the Everyday
A hero has fallen.
9 of Wands
Tarot Grand Luxe
I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of our civil rights giants, Rep. John Robert Lewis. The son of Alabama sharecroppers, he graduated college with a degree in religion and philosophy and his deep caring for others was evident throughout his life.
He rose to human and political prominence through his passionate fight for the rights of all in America to be free and equal. Many strides have been made but, sadly, the work is not yet complete. The fight still continues for human dignity, respect and equality.
This 9 of Wands image, from Ciro Marchetti’s masterful Tarot Grand Luxe deck, speaks of today’s news in a way I have never considered before. In numerology, the number 9 stands for a completed cycle. Rep. Lewis has completed his life here on earth. On the very last day of his life, he was working on a bill to protect voting rights. Wands speak of impetus, power, passion, determination -…

Tarot Card of the Day - Ace of Cups - Tarot of the Golden Wheel

July 14, 2020
Tarot Card of the Day
I asked for a message for today.
Ace of Cups
Tarot of the Golden Wheel
This beautiful deck, by Mila Losenko, fits how I am feeling today. I have been getting a lot of things accomplished and am feeling pretty good about being so productive. There wasn’t anything specific I wanted to ask the cards about today so I just asked for a message. I love how Tarot speaks. 
In this image, I see a goblet of something warm and inviting, ready to be savored. Normally, the steam coming out of the goblet would indicate something active going on, but this morning I am seeing it as saying it is time to sit back and smell the coffee. Even those koi fish, who are always in motion, seem to be happy snuggling up against the goblet. 
Maybe today should be a day to savor all I have completed on my to-do list, give myself an ‘atta-girl,’ and take some time to enjoy just being. 
Yes, that feels exactly right.  _____
Comments always welcome an…

Tarot Card of the Day - Knight of Cups - The Star Tarot

July 13, 2020
Tarot Card of the Day
Should I go out shopping today?
Knight of Cups
The Star Tarot
We have Camp Grandma every summer. Five grandkids stay at the house for a week and we have activities planned each day. It is great fun and is coming up the end of July. To be able to be safe together, we have all been quarantining at our homes.
Shopping is required to get ready for it, naturally, but with the virus presenting its dangers, I am wanting to do that in as few trips as possible. My plan was to go out later this week for what I can’t get online, but I realized last night it might be better to shop local first and then go online. 
So which path is better? This card looks like a big ‘yes’ for shopping today. Everything here shows acting from the heart and the quest goblet is glowing in this morning’s sunlight. The Knight is focused on the goblet, the labyrinth represents trusting Spirit and acting from good inner impulses and the unicorn is rari…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - A Surprising Message from the 7 of Swords - The Star Tarot

July 9, 2020
This card reflects my thoughts while shuffling.
7 of Swords
Deck used - The Star Tarot
After a family commitment finishes the end of this month, I will be starting my plan to cut out sugar and flour foods from my eating. Hubby likes homemade cookies as a snack and one of the things I am doing in the process of getting myself ready for my new way of eating is to bake a lot of cookies now to put into the freezer for him. My hope is that I won’t need to bake any more for a long time once I initiate my new eating patterns. I want to be stronger in my resolve and habits before I need to make more cookies and, for me, the problem with baking cookies is tasting as I go along. Danger, Will Robinson!!  Today I will be making my last big cookie batch in this preparatory project and I am feeling good about my safety-net plan.
The Card Draw - Although asking for a general message for the day, I noticed as I was shuffling that my thoughts were runni…

Family Time During Covid - Tarot of the Golden Wheel - 9 and King of Wheels (Pentacles)

July 2, 2020
Give me a message for today.
9 of Wheels + Foundation Card - King of Wheels
Deck used - Tarot of the Golden Wheel
(In this deck, Pentacles are named Wheels)
I have a busy day planned, as I get us ready for a 4th of July weekend with family. I asked for a message for today and love what showed up. 
The contented woman in the 9 seems like she’s got it all handled. She has even found time to enjoy and be grateful for all she has and to snuggle her chicken. That chicken makes me chuckle. One of our daughters raises fancy chickens and holds them exactly the same way. Wheels (Pentacles) represent our security systems and our health. Both are in a good place for us right now and, as our family stays in quarantine and slowly and carefully makes time to be together during the virus, it has repeatedly been brought home to us how important is family. Luckily, we are all healthy and able to gather together. We are very blessed. The Foundation Card is …

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Planning to Begin Again - The Star Tarot - 5 of Pentacles

July 5, 2020
Will I be Successful This Time?
5 of Pentacles
Deck used - The Star Tarot
As I plan to begin my weight loss journey again very soon, I have set a daunting goal to give up the foods that have the most pull over me - sugar and flour. I know this is going to be difficult for all kinds of reasons and asked if I will be successful in my goal.
This card is disheartening. But I do notice the bottom right point of the star is pointing to a mountain. It seems to be saying that, yes, I can overcome but it will be difficult. Those white mountains even look like piles of flour and sugar. My nemises!
The person is bent forward as she moves on in her quest. Is she scared? Is she humbled by the challenge? Is she giving up before she starts? I think she is scared but determined.
She knows this is not going to be easy and she is worried about how hard she is assuming it is going to be. But there are a couple of good signs for her; the upper star points ar…