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My First Reading with The Spacious Tarot - Ace of Cups - Child (Page) of Pentacles

August 27, 2020
How my helping with my family’s online schooling will go.
Ace of Cups
foundation card - Child (Page) of Pentacles
deck - The Spacious Tarot
This very special deck arrived today. When I got a chance to sit down with it, welcoming it to the family, looking at all the cards, I was immediately smitten. I love the clean, modern, nature-based images that carry such an amazing depth within their simplicity. The first reading I did with it got right to the point and each question that followed let me know I will be able to use this deck for any kind of question, even political ones. 
My first question was about how helping my daughters with their children’s online schooling was going to go. The answer was perfect and succinct.
Ace of Cups My cup runneth over! I love that I am getting to spend so much time with them. I am grateful that my quarantine-slowed work schedule is allowing this time for us. I am happy that I can contribute to helping th…

Dealing with Hurt Feelings and Emotional Stress - 3 of Wheels (Pentacles) - Tarot of the Golden Wheel

August 20, 2020
Personal Card Draw with an insight for my Weight Loss Tarot Journal
3 of Wheels (Pentacles)
Deck used - Tarot of the Golden Wheel _____
I did not set out to pull this card for my Weight Loss Tarot Journal, but I did notice last night that my hurt feelings in this situation were making me want to have a glass of wine to settle myself down. Knowing that wine is a trigger food for me, I did not indulge, but it was something I noticed. Noticing was obviously an important part of my weight loss journey.                                                                      _____
I pulled this card today because I am feeling deeply hurt by something that happened yesterday and don’t know where to go with these feelings or how to ease them quickly. I asked the cards to help me see a way to move past this.
When this 3 of Wheels (Pentacles)  showed up, I first thought it meant I will need to take some time alone to deal with my feelings so I can let them go. Being a Gemini, that is my no…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - A Schedule Change Brings Fears and Insecurity - High Priestess - Death card - Ace of Cups - Light Seer’s Tarot

August 16, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal

Advice for adapting to the coming eating schedule changes
High Priestess reversed + Death + Ace of Cups
Foundation Cards - 3 of Pentacles reversed + Knight of Wands reversed
Deck used - Light Seer’s Tarot
As the school year begins for my grandchildren, the Covid 19 virus has prompted the local school board to provide online K-12 classes. My daughters and I are very relieved by this and I have volunteered to help them help their children during the school days. It looks like I will be ‘teaching’ 2-3 days a week, with my daughters covering the other days. This will allow my daughters to continue working from home, uninterrupted, most weekdays.
My concern? I have only been on my eating plan for 2 weeks and, so far, my eating schedule is working out well. But this new schedule is going to change my eating hours on teaching days, especially requiring a later dinner. I am concerned that will have a negative impact o…

How America Feels About Sen. Kamala Harris as the Democratic VP Pick - The Empress - Ace of Swords - Tarot Grand Luxe

August 12, 2020
How America feels about Sen. Kamala Harris as the Democratic VP pick
The Empress
Foundation Card -Ace of Swords
Deck used - Tarot Grand Luxe

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, made his historic choice of a running mate known yesterday and there was much rejoicing in the land - including at my house. 
Sen. Kamala Harris is a perfect fit as his partner and for the Vice Presidential office. I and many others felt a shift in momentum with the announcement. A change is coming and I hold much hope that this team’s leadership will be able to turn the USA around in positive ways.
This morning I felt a desire to pull cards to see how America is feeling about this formidable team. And, while I realize not everyone is as pleased with the ticket as I am, I still felt drawn to phrase the question as I did.
The Empress
The hallmark meaning of this card is fertile growth and abundance. That is so appropriate for this question and our nationa…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - A Weight Loss Plateau Brings a Surprising Revelation - The Hanged Man - 4 of Swords - Queen of Pentacles - Light Seer’s Tarot

August 10, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal
What has caused my weight loss stall?
The Hanged Man
Foundation Cards - 4 of Swords + Queen of Pentacles
Deck used - Light Seer’s Tarot
Well, doesn’t Tarot have a sense of humor today. I chuckled when I saw The Hanged Man. How appropriate. My 5 pound weight loss last week was wonderful and unexpected but, for the last 3 days, the weight has just been sitting there. I know plateaus happen on a weight loss journey but I didn’t expect one so soon. Am I doing something wrong? I tried thinking what I might have done to cause this but, other than a couple ideas that don’t seem pertinent, I haven’t come up with anything. So I asked the cards to plumb my subconscious for an answer. The Hanged Man shows a stalling, yes, but it also represents coming to a new perspective. What might that perspective be?
The Foundation Cards - 4 of Swords + Queen of Pentacles - both indicate this is a natural process and a time for heali…

Tarot Card of the Day - The Sun + The Magician and Queen of Pentacles - Light Seer’s Tarot

August 8, 2020
Tarot Card of the Day

I asked for a good message and I sure got one!
The Sun Foundation Cards - The Magician + Queen of Pentacles
Deck used - Light Seer’s Tarot
I was having a good day today and feeling good, too, when my eyes fell on my Light Seer’s Tarot deck, sitting on a table. It is such a happy deck, and matched my mood, so I decided to pull a card and see what kind of message I would get. 
The Sun tells me I am in alignment with Spirit, which I was certainly feeling when I drew the card. It has been a magical, free-flowing-creativity kind of day.
The Magician and the Queen of Pentacles are the Foundation Cards,the cards at the bottom of the deck after it was shuffled and cutThey tell me I can make things happen (The Magician) and there is abundance all around me to aid my efforts (Queen of Pentacles).  I love this message! 
Now to try to figure out how it pertains to my life today  and into the near future.  _____
Comments always we…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - The 3 of Pentacles and King of Pentacles Bring Good Advice - Light Seer’s Tarot

August 6, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal
I asked for advice for today.
3 of Pentacles Foundation Card - King of Pentacles
Deck Used - Light Seer’s Tarot
Today is the 4th day into my cutting-out-sugar-and-flour plan. I am down 5 pounds and feeling good about it. So far it is not hard to do. This King of Pentacles reflects exactly how I feel about this plan so far. I have been very pleasantly surprised to learn that I can eat rice, oatmeal and fruit (so far)  and still lose weight. The early weight loss is very reassuring that I am on the right path for myself.
When I initially saw the 3 of Pentacles card, I wasn’t sure how it would apply to my question - I am working alone, not in a group, with only the help of a Bright Line Eating audible book. But then it occurred to me that the 3 mandalas being woven into the tapestry - and perhaps the 3 people as well - could be the body-mind-spirit aspects of what I am doing. The green, red and white threads re…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Cutting Out Sugar and Flour - Robin Wood Tarot - Rohrig Tarot - Wisdom of the Oracle

August 3, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal
I asked for advice as I begin cutting out sugar and flour.

The Tower - Rohrig Tarot (out of print) King of Cups - Robin Wood Tarot The Emperor reversed - Rohrig Tarot (out of print) 51 - Milk and Honey - Wisdom of the Oracle
It is pretty ironic that as I begin my new plan to cut out sugar and flour, the 51 - Milk and Honey card (Wisdom of the Oracle) mentions a sugar! Tarot has a weird sense of humor.   _____
The Tower (Rohrig Tarot - out of print)
I have been looking forward to beginning my new eating plan and have known for a long time that I needed to get control of my eating. I think The Tower card came into play when the number on the scale read 170 pounds. For a 5 ft. 2 inch, small-framed woman, that was a shocker. I am now 50 pounds more than I weighed when I was pregnant! This card arriving today suggests that I need to remember that shocking moment, how I felt when I saw it and the importance of follow…

A Tarot Reading on the Possible 2020 Vice Presidential Choices

August 1, 2020
Vice President Biden will be naming his VP pick this coming week. There are a lot of interesting names he is apparently considering and I am curious to see what the cards say about the names we’ve heard so far. The starred names in the pic above are the ones today’s reading seems to favor.
The questions asked for each lady’s name were; What does Biden think of her? Will he choose her?
I must also mention that, as I was drawing the cards, Michelle Obama’s name popped into my head rather strongly. But, because she has repeatedly said she doesn’t want to be in politics anymore, I didn’t pull cards on her at the time. I am still feeling a strong pull to draw cards on her anyway, so I just did. That pic is shown below, under her name. _____
My Interpretations of the Cards for Each of These Amazing Women
1 - Sen. Kamala Harris - The Fool says he sees in her a sincere desire to make a difference in the world and a trust in being led where she is supposed to be in her life. 4 of Wands