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Weight Loss Tarot Journal - A Schedule Change Brings Fears and Insecurity - High Priestess - Death card - Ace of Cups - Light Seer’s Tarot


August 16, 2020

Weight Loss Tarot Journal

Advice for adapting to the coming eating schedule changes

High Priestess reversed + Death + Ace of Cups

Foundation Cards - 3 of Pentacles reversed + Knight of Wands reversed


As the school year begins for my grandchildren, the Covid 19 virus has prompted the local school board to provide online K-12 classes. My daughters and I are very relieved by this and I have volunteered to help them help their children during the school days. It looks like I will be ‘teaching’ 2-3 days a week, with my daughters covering the other days. This will allow my daughters to continue working from home, uninterrupted, most weekdays.

My concern? I have only been on my eating plan for 2 weeks and, so far, my eating schedule is working out well. But this new schedule is going to change my eating hours on teaching days, especially requiring a later dinner. I am concerned that will have a negative impact on my progress. So today I asked for some advice on how to approach this schedule disruption. 

~ Advice ~

High Priestess rev + Death + Ace of Cups

High Priestess rev - She says I need to tune in to my inner self; listening and planning accordingly. The answers all lie within. I know this and will act on it, but right now I am feeling a fear I might be knocked off my path. Immediately after writing that last sentence, I noticed the aqua colors on each side of the High Priestess. In this reversed orientation, these now look like chasms, with a center path in shades of pink and magenta, both being colors of love and spiritual love. Within the path of love, there are twinkles of light emanating to and from the crescent moon on the top of her head. They speak to me of connection to Spirit and being spiritually directed. 

I am now realizing this card is a reminder to stay on the middle path. I do not need to worry. I will be directed on how best to stay in the middle, where I belong and where my eating plan can survive and thrive.

Death - At the core of the advice is change. Change is certainly coming. I love this particular Death card image. It speaks so beautifully of the new growth that can come out of change. That light beaming out of the cloak reflects goodness and growth. And Spirit. Again Spirit. Growth with a foundation of Spirit can bring new ways of thinking about and accomplishing goals. 

I have been feeling secure in my little cocoon here at the house, able to live my life within my own plan and schedule. Now I am going to have to find a way to continue on this path without that safe cocoon for a few days each week. Although I am afraid my new responsibilities will chip away at my making progress, that light arising from the interior of the cloak tells me there is no end, there is only evolution and change. This card is telling me what I already know; that I need to embrace these changes - not fear them. If I fear them, I will be paralyzed. If I embrace them, I can create a new schedule that works for my teaching days. Very sensible - and hopeful.

Ace of Cups - Lead with the heart. I volunteered to help with the schooling because I led with my heart. I put myself on this eating plan because I led with my heart in caring for myself and my health. So I need to remember the importance of love at the foundations of these 2 goals. And it is clear I am going to be led by Spirit. 

A heart is emanating love energy out of the bowl the woman holds at her heart chakra. Water spills from the bowl, indicting emotional caring and connection, all of which are happening in this situation. This is such an important reminder of the WHY of what I am doing. The why is going to help me find the necessary workable schedule revisions I will need, in the ways the High Priestess and Death cards suggest.

Realizations from the Advice Cards ~

There is no need to fear stepping off my established schedule for a few days each week. I can create a new schedule for teaching days. Scary, yes - at the moment, but certainly not out of my capabilities.

Even if a later dinner slows the weight loss, the love within the foundations of what I am doing is what is most important. 

Stay within the middle path. I am not alone in this. A connection to Spirit will always guide me.

I need to set some boundaries for myself so I can stay within my schedule as much as possible. This may prove to be the hardest part and something I will have to grow into.

~ Foundation Cards ~
(cards at the bottom of the deck after the shuffle and cut)

3 of Pentacles rev + Knight of Wands rev

Foundation cards show the environment in which the question was asked and these 2 cards reflect my fears about this schedule change. I am so invested in making my eating plan continue successfully that any deviation from what is currently working makes me apprehensive. 

3 of Pentacles rev - In a previous Weight Loss Tarot Journal reading, the 3 of Pentacles card reflected my realization that the body-mind-Spirit connection is an all-important part of my success in my eating plan. With the coming schedule changes, my fear of the body-mind part being disrupted is definitely at play. I see that in this card being reversed today.

Knight of Wands rev - I started off on this plan all raring to go and, for the first 2 weeks, I have been keeping at it, making it work. I have taken pride in this and now, with the coming schedule change, this card reversed reflects my worry that my quick progress is going to be slowed. My strength on this path will be tested sooner than I had expected and before I feel strong enough to overcome danger-food temptations. I fear getting off my safe-so-far schedule will open me up to temptations. 

Realizations from the Foundation Cards ~

I am worried that I am not yet ready to step outside my current eating plan schedule.

I feel safe within my cocoon here at the house. It has allowed my eating plan and schedule to be successful.

Do not let go of the body-mind-Spirit element of this eating and weight loss plan. There is personal power there.

The foundation cards reflect fears and a lack of feeling secure.

Resolutions from Today’s Card Reading 

So what can I do about these fears and insecurities? The Advice cards tell me I need to create a viable schedule for teaching days and adapt it as needed for success. Having a plan and schedule will allay my fears and insecurity. 

Just the acts of drawing these cards today and journaling about my fears have been helpful in facing those fears head on. I have looked them in the face and am already in the mental process of planning how to overcome them. That is an important, empowering start.

UPDATE - 9-4-20 - The revised plan for schooling days is working! Now that I have a working plan, it feels silly that I even worried about it. But I did and it was an important learning aspect in this weight loss journey. Glad I was able to learn from it and overcome that fear.

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What has caused my weight loss stall?
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How my helping with my family’s online schooling will go.
Ace of Cups
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This very special deck arrived today. When I got a chance to sit down with it, welcoming it to the family, looking at all the cards, I was immediately smitten. I love the clean, modern, nature-based images that carry such an amazing depth within their simplicity. The first reading I did with it got right to the point and each question that followed let me know I will be able to use this deck for any kind of question, even political ones. 
My first question was about how helping my daughters with their children’s online schooling was going to go. The answer was perfect and succinct.
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