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30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 1 - Sept 1-5, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

Today - Sept 1 - starts a new Tarot Challenge. Each day of the month, I will be drawing a Tarot card and writing about how it relates to my life. I belong to the fun 30 Day Tarot Challenge Facebook group and September is our second challenge month for 2020. I will be posting my cards here and in the group. If you are interested in finding a friendly, sharing and caring Facebook Tarot group, with readers of all skill levels, give the 30 Day Tarot Challenge group a try. You will be happy you did. 

The deck I will be using throughout the challenge is The Spacious Tarot, created by Carrie Mallon and Annie Ruygt. This deck is a modern, airy take in the Rider-Waite tradition that puts the reader into the scene with its unique artistic perspective. Kudos to the creators of this very special deck.


 September 1-5, 2020

Day 1 - September 1, 2020

Question - Show me a good message as I start this new challenge.


Child (Page) of Cups reversed - The Spacious Tarot

This little cutie, swimming in her cup, is getting a chance to see where she fits in the ‘as above, so below.’ As her cup floats on the water, amidst the lily pads, she sees the cherry blossoms above. Or is she seeing the blossoms reflected on the water?

This is a beautiful spiritual analogy for finding my place in the world. That the card is reversed, tells me this challenge is going to reflect what is going on inside me and how it manifests in the world around me. The pink blossoms speak of love, especially spiritual love. Nurturing and the divine feminine are shown in the blue water. The green lily pads represent growth. The purple cup is spiritual protection. The floating cup in the water reminds me that trusting in the flow of life will bring to me all that I need. 

The messages of this card are important. They speak of a connection to Spirit, noticing Spirit in the world around me, and seeing the interconnectedness of it all. 

What a wonderful message for this challenge. 

Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’šπŸŒΏ 


Day 2 - September 2, 2020

Question - Show me something I should be aware of today.


3 of Cups reversed  +  3 of Pentacles (foundation card)

The Spacious Tarot 

This is looking like today is going to be a stressful day. The 3 middle school kids are out of school today by 9 am so we are going to have a lot of open time to fill. The reversed 9 of Cups suggests we are going to have some unhappy kids through the day. The 3 of Pentacles, however, shows we are all family and that connection of love will feed the individual trees (kids)
Good to know what might be coming so I can be prepared for it.

How It Turned Out

The reversed 9 of Cups turned out to be a lot of technical frustration earlier in the day. The internet connections kept going in and out. We couldn’t find the kindergarten child’s links to her class because her teacher is inconsistent with where she posts her class links - but we finally found them.

Seeing the 3 of Pentacles as family support did turn out that way. Working together with my daughters and the older grandkids helped me find the links and reconnect to the internet when necessary. And when school was over for all the kids, we had a lot of fun and laughter together until it was time to go home. 

Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’šπŸŒΏ


Day 3 - September 3, 2020

Question - Will the political dream of a meeting to make a dire change come true?


The Tower reversed + Death reversed (foundation card) 
+ 4 of Cups (clarifier)

The Spacious Tarot

I drew The Tower reversed as an answer, with the reversed Death as the foundation. Being reversed, they could both be read as the dream will come to pass, but not for a while. Or that the individuals involved in the scenario are seriously considering their plan. However, since both are NO cards, an alternative meaning could be that the situation will not happen. So which is it?

Because the answer was not clear to me, I drew a clarifier card, asking when this might happen, if it does. For Tarot timing, I see Cups as representing weeks. So the 4 of Cups would represent 4 weeks; the end of Sept or early Oct. 

The 4 of Cups is also a MAYBE card, so it could be that those in the situation will decide in the end they don’t want to follow through with their plan. 

Still inconclusive. Darn.

Another way to read the three cards would be in a YES - NO spread, where you don’t read the meaning of the cards, only their orientation; 2 or more upright = yes  /  2 or more reversed = no. So, even though I didn’t plan to use that spread for this draw, two cards here are reversed. A no.

Two NO cards and a MAYBE suggest the scenario is unlikely or that, if the meeting does take place, it will be decided not to move forward with the plan. 

I’ll be watching to see if anything politically unexpected happens around the end of September or early October.

Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’šπŸŒΏ


Day 4 - September 4

Question - Show me a good message for today.


Child (Page) of Swords - The Spacious Tarot

Today I was planning to upload my revised work website to alert readers to impending changes. The site is already re-designed and ready to go, but last night I realized I also need to do more tech work before it is finished. That will take me a bit of time, but it needs to be done before I upload the new revisions.

This two-edged sword blade stands in the snow like a beacon, reminding me of this. The crow seems to be bowing to my recognition of things yet to do before it can fly. I won’t be able to get everything completed today but should be able to by tomorrow. It’s more important that I do it right, not just quickly.

Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’šπŸŒΏ   


Day 5 - September 5

Question - Show me a message for today.


The Fool reversed - The Spacious Tarot

The reversed Fool usually says to me that someone is heading out in a foolish way, without thinking things through, or that a situation is not well thought out and likely destined for failure. The Fool reversed is the way I am feeling about the wedding today. 

I was told by the couple, when they were in the process of changing their wedding plans, that the venue was going to “stringently follow all the quarantine guidelines.” But at the rehearsal last night, I found out that what was meant by that is that there are going to be 70 people at the wedding! I was expecting up to 25 people at an outside setting. The venue planner told me last night that their guidelines allow up to 70 people, inside and out. I was not aware the guidelines allowed any  venue to have that many people at a wedding. This is a country club and serves food, so maybe they have a different capacity ceiling? (Is this why the local wedding venues are pushing the governor to ease their capacity restrictions?) 

I am feeling blind sided and am not happy about it. This many people is not safe and I have been working so hard to keep myself out of unsafe situations, to protect my family and myself. I feel trapped because I have to be there. I am the minister. 

Having a wedding with this many people is foolish and being there is foolish. I will be distancing myself as much as possible from everyone there, wearing a mask until I head down the aisle and putting it right back on as soon as the guests head to the cocktail hour. And I am NEVER going to allow myself to be in this kind of a situation again. Going forward, I will know ahead of time the specifics of the environment in which the wedding will be taking place and not make the assumptions I did for this wedding. Making my assumptions was reversed Fool behavior. So is being there today.

Today I will be saying lots of private prayers for the protection of all of us at the wedding - and for my not bringing anything home to my family. 

Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’šπŸŒΏ   


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and how they were reflected in my life.

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30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 2 - Sept 6-12, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

Today begins week 2 of our 30 Day Tarot Challenge for September 2020. Throughout this challenge, I will be using the delightful second edition of  The Spacious Tarot. I love its concept of putting the reader into the images by drawing the traditional Rider-Waite concepts in unexpected ways. This has a tendency to bring out new insights, which is another thing I love about this deck.
WEEK TWO September 6-12, 2020 _________________________________________

Day 6 - September 6, 2020 Question - Something I will encounter today

Elder (King)  of Pentacles reversed
foundation card -4 of Swords reversed
The Spacious Tarot 
This may not apply to something that happens today - I’ll see as the day progresses. I think these cards showed up because of a situation very much on my mind. 
I ministered a wedding yesterday with far more people than I had expected. I learned at the rehearsal the night before of the large number of people coming and, on the wedding…

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 3 - Sept 13-19, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

These Tarot Challenges progress so quickly. Today - Sept. 13 - begins our third week. My norm, as in previous weeks and Challenges, is that my daily Challenge cards and interpretations will be included here on my blog. The deck I am using throughout this Challenge is the second edition of The Spacious Tarot. This is a new deck for me. It arrived 2 days before this Challenge began and I am enjoying getting to know it as I go. The artwork in this RWS-tradition deck has been bringing out some absolutely amazing insights. Kudos to its creators, Carrie Mallon and Annie Ruygt.
WEEK THREE  September 13-19, 2020 ___________________________________________________
Day 13 - September 13, 2020 Question -A message for today

The Sun - The Spacious Tarot
A turning toward the inner and outer suns. This feels like a two-fold message; a nudge to get back to prioritizing my inner world and a reminder that I want to be sure to get outside for a walk in the sun…

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 4 - Sept 20-26, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

As we move into the last 10 days of the 30 Day Tarot Challenge, I can’t believe it has passed so quickly. As in the previous weeks, my daily Challenge cards and interpretations will be included here on my blog and the deck used will be The Spacious Tarot. This is a new deck for me and I am getting to know it as I move through this Challenge. The depth of insights this sparse artwork style is bringing has been a constant joy and amazement. I’m having a lot of fun with it.  ___________________________________________________
WEEK FOUR  September 20-26, 2020 ___________________________________________________
Day 20 - September 20, 2020 Question - Something I should be aware of today _____

2 of Swords reversed - The Spacious Tarot
Two swords at crossed blades stand frozen in the snow, suggesting a conflicted position. The reversed image shows the conflict is happening in my inner world. A rising sun in the distance shows a thaw is taking place. This does reflect me.
Today I will be driving a very…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - 10 Pounds Lost! - Ace of Swords - The Druidcraft Tarot

September 3, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal
~ One month on this plan and 10 pounds down! ~
Ace of Swords
Deck - The Druidcraft Tarot
I feel like this card. Excaliber was given to me in the form of a new eating plan to cut out flour and sugar. And I have run with it. Three months ago, I discovered Bright Line Eating, a sensible, logical and practical eating plan that had the same goals I did; to cut out sugar and flour. I liked that they had a road map and hand-holding support to get me started and moving along safely.
One month ago, I started on the plan. It has turned out to be much easier to give up my two most powerful trigger foods than I expected. That was a nice surprise. I have had to tweak food volumes down a bit for me, but it has been a huge relief to find I have had no sugar cravings and no slips. It has been easy to stay on the plan, even in the midst of a newly-changed and super busy schedule.
Two days before finishing my first month, I hi…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - A Weight Loss Plateau Brings a Surprising Revelation - The Hanged Man - 4 of Swords - Queen of Pentacles - Light Seer’s Tarot

August 10, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal
What has caused my weight loss stall?
The Hanged Man
Foundation Cards - 4 of Swords + Queen of Pentacles
Deck used - Light Seer’s Tarot
Well, doesn’t Tarot have a sense of humor today. I chuckled when I saw The Hanged Man. How appropriate. My 5 pound weight loss last week was wonderful and unexpected but, for the last 3 days, the weight has just been sitting there. I know plateaus happen on a weight loss journey but I didn’t expect one so soon. Am I doing something wrong? I tried thinking what I might have done to cause this but, other than a couple ideas that don’t seem pertinent, I haven’t come up with anything. So I asked the cards to plumb my subconscious for an answer. The Hanged Man shows a stalling, yes, but it also represents coming to a new perspective. What might that perspective be?
The Foundation Cards - 4 of Swords + Queen of Pentacles - both indicate this is a natural process and a time for heali…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Psychic Tarot for the Heart - 5 of Swords - The Fool

November 8, 2019
Give me a message for today
Card Drawn  -  5 of Swords reversed Foundation Card  -  The Fool

Deck  -  Psychic Tarot for the Heart
When I got on the scale this morning, my weight had gone up a pound and I had lost most of the small progress (1.3 lbs) made so far. Disappointing!  There is a valid reason we are often cautioned not to get on the scale daily - the disappointment can knock us off our plan. I know this and try to guard against that emotional roller coaster. But for me, the daily morning scale ritual also helps me to know how the foods I ate yesterday affect my body today. Analyzing those fluctuations helps me gather information and - being a Gemini - that is an important part of the weight loss learning curve for me. Even knowing all that, though, it is still disappointing to see the weight go up and not down.

The messages in the cards todayaddress all of this.
5 of Swords reversed - I smiled when I saw the keywords on thi…

On the Passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Tender Embrace - Oracle of the 7 Energies

September 19, 2020
Processing the loss of beloved Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
deck used -Oracle of the 7 Energies
I am feeling double gut-punched at last night’s loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and what is coming politically as a result. The vultures are circling. 
I chose this deck today because it taps into healing energies, something much needed here in the USA. Tender Embrace references love and compassion for others, making sure not to forget that for ourselves as well. Justice Ginsburg‘s arena was the legal system and within it she chose a personal path of empathy, care and compassion for her fellow man. Because of her commitment to leveling the playing field for all of us, she left a powerful wake of reverberating effects in our nation. She made a huge, positive difference in our lives.
I see in this card the best way to honor her will be to hug ourselves and each other, recognize our connections, and then pick up her gauntle…

The Earth Element in Tarot - Pentacles - Pages - Major Arcana - with Tarot Grand Luxe

It is now autumn in the northern hemisphere and I have been thinking about the seasons and the elements. To me, autumn equates with the earth element and in the Tarot, the earth element is usually represented by the Pentacles (sometimes called coins). The Pages of each Tarot suit and five of the Major Arcana cards  also reflect the earth element energies. I have chosen to use the Tarot Grand Luxe deck by Ciro Marchetti for this post  because its rich and vibrant colors match the glorious tones of autumn.

My First Reading with The Spacious Tarot - Ace of Cups - Child (Page) of Pentacles

August 27, 2020
How my helping with my family’s online schooling will go.
Ace of Cups
foundation card - Child (Page) of Pentacles
deck - The Spacious Tarot
This very special deck arrived today. When I got a chance to sit down with it, welcoming it to the family, looking at all the cards, I was immediately smitten. I love the clean, modern, nature-based images that carry such an amazing depth within their simplicity. The first reading I did with it got right to the point and each question that followed let me know I will be able to use this deck for any kind of question, even political ones. 
My first question was about how helping my daughters with their children’s online schooling was going to go. The answer was perfect and succinct.
Ace of Cups My cup runneth over! I love that I am getting to spend so much time with them. I am grateful that my quarantine-slowed work schedule is allowing this time for us. I am happy that I can contribute to helping th…