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30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 4 - Sept 20-26, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

As we move into the last 10 days of the 30 Day Tarot Challenge, I can’t believe it has passed so quickly. As in the previous weeks, my daily Challenge cards and interpretations will be included here on my blog and the deck used will be The Spacious Tarot. This is a new deck for me and I am getting to know it as I move through this Challenge. The depth of insights this sparse artwork style is bringing has been a constant joy and amazement. I’m having a lot of fun with it.  

 September 20-26, 2020

Day 20 - September 20, 2020
Question - Something I should be aware of today


2 of Swords reversed - The Spacious Tarot

Two swords at crossed blades stand frozen in the snow, suggesting a conflicted position. The reversed image shows the conflict is happening in my inner world. A rising sun in the distance shows a thaw is taking place. This does reflect me.

Today I will be driving a very long way to and from a wedding. Normally I don’t travel this far for a wedding and have not been accepting weddings during the quarantine unless they were to be under strict safety guidelines. Today’s wedding will be safety conscious (supposedly),  with only parents and a few family present. And the Bride is someone special to me. I suspect she is the sun in the image, thawing my position a bit to do her wedding. 
What I should be aware of today is the sword handles frozen in the snow. They represent my strong safety-first position. It will be important that I remain true to this, especially if it turns out that the wedding couple has not stayed within the safety net they had previously indicated.
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 21 - September 21, 2020
Question - Something I need to know about today


The Hanged One - The Spacious Tarot

This feels like it relates to two things - my wanting, hoping  the Senate will hold off on appointing a new Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg as well as the healing of our nation and our planet. 

This jewel in the darkness is a treasure and needs protecting. Justice Ginsburg left us many jewels that are going to be threatened with a heavily conservative court. Likewise, previous jewels of protection of the planet and our nation are going to be in jeopardy with a highly conservative Supreme Court. 

This image is a reminder that all is interconnected. 
The bigger picture.

Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏπŸŒŽ


Day 22 - September 22, 2020
Question - A message for today


10 of Wands - The Spacious Tarot

Yesterday, we learned my husband is going to need a minor eye procedure... another eye development in a long series of them. We are awaiting the call from the nurse to set up the schedule and I have checked with my daughters to find out any days they can’t get time off work to cover my online school teaching days, just in case, and if there is even a choice of dates for the procedure.

Lots of things to juggle with scheduling right now, and making sure I can take care of Hubby as he needs. I know we can handle it all but it is stressful not knowing the surgery and followup schedules and trying to be prepared for whatever they might be. 

This card suggests I might be stressing more about it than I thought or even need to. I will be glad when we have a game plan in place.
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 23 - September 23, 2020
Question - What is the lesson our nation is meant to learn from Trump?


Knight of Cups reversed - The Spacious Tarot

I still cannot believe that a man like Trump is in a leadership position and has so many followers. So I asked what it is he might be supposed to show us. What is a lesson we need to learn?

The Knight of Pentacles reversed is an interesting card for this answer. I feel it absolutely pertains to the negative personality traits of this knight. Both he and Trump are players and con men. Trump is also a manipulator with tremendous power over others. He has no compunctions about lying or hurting anyone. His main motivations seems to be money, power and self-aggrandizement. 

So what is it he is meant to teach our nation? Is it to not ever allow someone like him into such a high, powerful office ever again? Is it that we are bringing about our own destruction? Is it that we need to come together to fight against the negativity he represents? Or is it that he is a reflection of our own national shadow? 

As I wrote that last sentence, I felt its truth immediately. He is here to show us our shadow side. Greed, racism, selfishness, manipulation, feeling exceptional over others - he mirrors it all back to us in a nasty way. 

I have never thought of our nation in this light, except for occasional situations. The whole time he was running and all through his presidency, I have been appalled by his words, actions, cruelty, priorities. And especially by the fact that so many are not bothered by this and many in government have helped him break laws and norms instead of standing against that behavior. Clearly, I need to understand our nation’s shadow side for what it is and how extensive it is. Almost half of our nation is enamored of this man because he is them, just more so. And he gives them permission to be just like him. It breaks my heart to see what he has done to our nation.

Those who love this reversed Knight of Cups will have their hearts broken when they finally come to realize he used them for his own ends and did not love them in return. How long will it take them to see him for who he truly is? I hope it is not much longer. I feel like I am helplessly watching those I care about wasting themselves in a sadistic, dysfunctional relationship and hoping it does not take all of us down to destruction.
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 24 - September 24, 2020
Challenge prompt - What am I most grateful for?


The Tower reversed - The Spacious Tarot

The reversed Tower as gratitude? I had to think on this a bit. What came to me was that, although this is not the only thing I am grateful for - and it isn’t necessarily where the ‘most’ gratitude lies - it was an important moment for my inner calm. Reversed cards, for me, reflect the inner world.

Until about 3 months ago, I was deeply angry about Trump’s disrespect for his office and our citizens. So angry, in fact, that I would yell at him on the TV and any of his henchmen who came on and supported him with lies and idiocy (from my perspective).  I knew this level of anger was not good for me but could not get it out of my system. 

Then The Universe directed me to Paul Selig, a channeler I knew nothing about. He was offering a free webinar that sounded vague but interesting, so I signed up. 

One of the things he did in the webinar was to help us address a deep anger about someone or something. Trump was the only thing that came to mind that I was so angry about, so I chose him as the subject. What I didn’t expect, though, was that after that webinar, my livid-in-a-split-second anger toward Trump had vanished. I released it to Spirit and it has remained gone. While I am still disgusted by Trump and his henchmen and will be doing my part to vote them all out, that soul-stealing, blazing hot anger and resentment are gone. It is a relief not to feel that way anymore. 

I will always be grateful that The Universe directed me to that particular tower event. It struck me at the core of my being and changed me for the better.
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 25 - September 25, 2020
Question - Something important I should be aware of today


Elder (King) of Swords - The Spacious Tarot

I love this image. It captures the important aspects of the Elder (King) of Swords - mental acumen mixed with positive aspiration. It shows the power of truth and makes me feel that truth will win.

There is an eagle above the point of the sword of truth, flying into the sun. Our national eagle so needs to fly into the cleansing and illuminating goodness of the sun. This sword of truth points to us doing exactly that. 

So no matter what new scary and horrendous things might appear in the news, this card’s important message is that our nation is going to rise above our current administration and problems. Truth and honor are on the horizon. The colors in this card are the colors of the dawn, not the sunset. 

The song, Rise Up, written and performed by Andra Day, is running through my mind. 

Rise Up

You're broken down and tired
Of living life on a merry go round
And you can't find the fighter
But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains
And I'll rise up
I'll rise like the day
I'll rise up
I'll rise unafraid
I'll rise up
And I'll do it a thousand times again
And I'll rise up
High like the waves
I'll rise up
In spite of the ache
I'll rise up
And I'll do it a thousands times again
For you
For you
For you
For you
When the silence isn't quiet
And it feels like it's getting hard to breathe
And I know you feel like dying
But I promise we'll take the world to its feet
And move mountains
We'll take it to its feet
And move mountains
And I'll rise up
I'll rise like the day
I'll rise up
I'll rise unafraid
I'll rise up

Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ


Day 26 - September 26, 2020
Question - Will the new Supreme Court Justice be a good, fair and honest judge and not a Trump lackey?


3 of Pentacles reversed - The Spacious Tarot

This seems to be saying that the new Justice will be someone of deeply conservative leanings, who may want to take our nation back to our roots of bygone days. Does this mean so many of the progressive gains made in the last generation will be nullified? As I write that, my stomach lurches to think what that might mean for our national future.

The coins embedded in the roots seem problematic. Do they indicate this person will or can be bought? I would not put that kind of a choice past our current administration but I really hope it does not turn out to be true about the Justice who is chosen. 

This card reversed feels like something is hidden. What might that be? 

I asked the cards if the new Justice can or will be bought. The cards drawn were very reassuring.


The Lovers reversed
foundation card (at the bottom of the deck)  - Elder (King) of Swords

The reversed Lovers indicates this Justice has no prior commitments and most likely will not be beholden or bought. The Elder (King) of Swords speaks to yesterday’s message of truth and honor returning to our nation. 

                                                          Glad to see these cards.
Comments always welcome and appreciated. πŸ’™πŸŒΏ



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30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 4.5 - September 27-30, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

The last few days of the 30 Day Tarot Challenge! Where does the time go? I thoroughly enjoy our Facebook Tarot group of the same name and our two Tarot challenges each year. We are Tarot readers of all levels and we learn so much through sharing our daily card meanings and how they apply to our lives. It’s a great learning process for all of us.
My daily Challenge cards and interpretations will be included here on my blog and the deck used will continue to be The Spacious Tarot.  I received this deck a couple days before this Challenge began and have been learning it as I go. It is an amazingly accurate deck, with a soft, honest voice, and it has brought out some incredible insights. My thanks to its creators, Carrie Mallon and Annie Ruygt. It is a work of art and depth and I can highly recommend it.
WEEK 4.5  September 27-30, 2020 ___________________________________________________
Day 27 - September 27, 2020 Question - A good message for …

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Psychic Tarot for the Heart - 5 of Swords - The Fool

November 8, 2019
Give me a message for today
Card Drawn  -  5 of Swords reversed Foundation Card  -  The Fool

Deck  -  Psychic Tarot for the Heart
When I got on the scale this morning, my weight had gone up a pound and I had lost most of the small progress (1.3 lbs) made so far. Disappointing!  There is a valid reason we are often cautioned not to get on the scale daily - the disappointment can knock us off our plan. I know this and try to guard against that emotional roller coaster. But for me, the daily morning scale ritual also helps me to know how the foods I ate yesterday affect my body today. Analyzing those fluctuations helps me gather information and - being a Gemini - that is an important part of the weight loss learning curve for me. Even knowing all that, though, it is still disappointing to see the weight go up and not down.

The messages in the cards todayaddress all of this.
5 of Swords reversed - I smiled when I saw the keywords on thi…

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 2 - Sept 6-12, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

Today begins week 2 of our 30 Day Tarot Challenge for September 2020. Throughout this challenge, I will be using the delightful second edition of  The Spacious Tarot. I love its concept of putting the reader into the images by drawing the traditional Rider-Waite concepts in unexpected ways. This has a tendency to bring out new insights, which is another thing I love about this deck.
WEEK TWO September 6-12, 2020 _________________________________________

Day 6 - September 6, 2020 Question - Something I will encounter today

Elder (King)  of Pentacles reversed
foundation card -4 of Swords reversed
The Spacious Tarot 
This may not apply to something that happens today - I’ll see as the day progresses. I think these cards showed up because of a situation very much on my mind. 
I ministered a wedding yesterday with far more people than I had expected. I learned at the rehearsal the night before of the large number of people coming and, on the wedding…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Impatiently Waiting For a Weight Plateau To Shift - 4 of Swords - Druidcraft Tarot

September 29, 2020

Weight Loss Tarot Journal
Frustration with a weight loss plateau
deck used - The Druidcraft Tarot
I know just how this guy feels!
On Sept. 3, I posted about a 10 pound weight loss. I was so happy about that. But now, 3 ½ weeks later, I am only down another 2 pounds. Disappointing! I had hoped to be down at least  another 4 pounds by now, but here I sit, trying not to get frustrated and depressed that my body is not losing at a constant warp speed. Like most everyone else on a weight loss journey, I want the pounds to melt off overnight. 
I keep track of my weight almost daily. It gives me a lot of information and reassurance that I am on the right track. By watching this process analytically, I have been learning to have a grudging respect for the plateaus. They give my body time to adjust at each new level, even if the level is only a pound. On a graph, my weight loss looks like a slowly descending jiggly line. While I want that l…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - 10 Pounds Lost! - Ace of Swords - The Druidcraft Tarot

September 3, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal
~ One month on this plan and 10 pounds down! ~
Ace of Swords
Deck - The Druidcraft Tarot
I feel like this card. Excaliber was given to me in the form of a new eating plan to cut out flour and sugar. And I have run with it. Three months ago, I discovered Bright Line Eating, a sensible, logical and practical eating plan that had the same goals I did; to cut out sugar and flour. I liked that they had a road map and hand-holding support to get me started and moving along safely.
One month ago, I started on the plan. It has turned out to be much easier to give up my two most powerful trigger foods than I expected. That was a nice surprise. I have had to tweak food volumes down a bit for me, but it has been a huge relief to find I have had no sugar cravings and no slips. It has been easy to stay on the plan, even in the midst of a newly-changed and super busy schedule.
Two days before finishing my first month, I hi…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - The Birthday Cake Agenda - 9 of Wands - Tarot of the Golden Wheel

September 12, 2020
Weight Loss Tarot Journal
The Birthday Cake Agenda and How I Feel About Avoiding The Cake
9 of Wands
Tarot of the Golden Wheel
I have been on my eating plan for 5 weeks, now, and am down 11 pounds. I am really happy with how this plan is working for me and my success at finding ways around the stumbling blocks of previous weight loss efforts.
One very big stumbling block has been the foods at family gatherings, especially birthday parties, with those yummy cakes. I faced that dilemma yesterday with a bit of trepidation and a quasi-plan in place. First and foremost... don’t eat the cake! 
Yay, I did not eat the cake! My quasi-plan was to observe the cake from afar and try not to get a whiff of it. Smells of a trigger food can be a trigger for me, especially when it comes to sugar. So I basically avoided being close enough to smell it. That worked well. I also noticed I was not tempted to have a piece of cake and was very happy to see…

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 1 - Sept 1-5, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

Today - Sept 1 - starts a new Tarot Challenge. Each day of the month, I will be drawing a Tarot card and writing about how it relates to my life. I belong to the fun 30 Day Tarot Challenge Facebook group and September is our second challenge month for 2020. I will be posting my cards here and in the group. If you are interested in finding a friendly, sharing and caring Facebook Tarot group, with readers of all skill levels, give the 30 Day Tarot Challenge group a try. You will be happy you did. 
The deck I will be using throughout the challenge is The Spacious Tarot, created by Carrie Mallon and Annie Ruygt. This deck is a modern, airy take in the Rider-Waite tradition that puts the reader into the scene with its unique artistic perspective. Kudos to the creators of this very special deck.
WEEK ONE  September 1-5, 2020 ___________________________________________________
Day 1 - September 1, 2020 ___
Question -Show me a good message as I star…

Weight Loss Tarot Journal - Light Seer’s Tarot - The World - 5 of Pentacles - 4 of Swords

November 2, 2019
I started a weight loss Tarot journal this week, thinking perhaps I would find some answers underlying my weight issues. Many years of trying, some successes, many failures, lots of self-sabotage... why do I not do what I know I should so? What’s hidden underneath that I need to address?

Thinking Tarot will be a caring and insightful companion, I begin my weight loss Tarot journal. I hope what I learn about myself - and share with you along the way - will help you if you are on your own weight loss journey. Any insights you might like to share with me would be very welcome.
How am I feeling as I resume my Keto eating plan?
Card Drawn  -The World reversed Foundation Cards  -5 of Pentacles rev + 4 of Swords
Deck / Link  -Light Seer’s Tarot


Card Drawn  -  The World reversed
The World reversed - I am feeling that I am going to be successful this time. I am feeling different on the inside, somehow…

30 Day Tarot Challenge - Week 3 - Sept 13-19, 2020 - The Spacious Tarot

These Tarot Challenges progress so quickly. Today - Sept. 13 - begins our third week. My norm, as in previous weeks and Challenges, is that my daily Challenge cards and interpretations will be included here on my blog. The deck I am using throughout this Challenge is the second edition of The Spacious Tarot. This is a new deck for me. It arrived 2 days before this Challenge began and I am enjoying getting to know it as I go. The artwork in this RWS-tradition deck has been bringing out some absolutely amazing insights. Kudos to its creators, Carrie Mallon and Annie Ruygt.
WEEK THREE  September 13-19, 2020 ___________________________________________________
Day 13 - September 13, 2020 Question -A message for today

The Sun - The Spacious Tarot
A turning toward the inner and outer suns. This feels like a two-fold message; a nudge to get back to prioritizing my inner world and a reminder that I want to be sure to get outside for a walk in the sun…